Calanga Accommodation Information

We have several Casitas available in the Calanga region.

We offer accommodation for families, couples and single travellers. Ranging form camping to self catering units or fully catered packages

….. where are we?

Calanga can be found about 90 km north of Maputo in the virtually untouched and unexplored landscape between Maraquene and Bilene

Our location makes us an ideal weekend getaway as we are approximately a three-and-a-half-hours drive from the Lebombo border post, Rossano Garcia.

Sunny skies, endless beaches, and clear waters teeming with marine life make Mozambique the perfect beach holiday destination.

You require 4×4 to reach any of these properties.
The beach is separated from our camp by a dune and can be traversed by 4×4.
The nearest shopping opportunity and restaurant is one hour away by 4×4.
Charcoal and firewood can be purchased on site.
We recycle please use the bins as allocated.
No mobile connection or internet is available.
Bring enough drinking water.
Quad bikes are not permitted.