Holiday work Mozambique Calanga


We invite the young at heart who are interested in tourism, nature and agriculture, who enjoy living close to the Ocean and the Africa bush to apply for this exciting experience.

We are situated 90 Km north of Maputo Mozambique at Calanga beach, due to the sandy roads the camp can only be reached with a 4×4 vehicle.

The closest village is called Manhiça from where Applicants will be collected (One and half hour from the camp). It is advised that you fly to Maputo Airport and take the shuttle to Manhiça or else fly to South Africa, Johannesburg O R Tambo airport then travel with to Manhiça. (Note travel time from Johannesburg via shuttle is 7 hours.)

You will have to obtain a holiday Visa at any Mozambican consulates. Here is an example of the Mozambique Consulate website in Germany

It is advisable that you apply for your VISA beforehand to make your entry into Mozambique easier and hassle free.


Applicants can apply for a 60-day visa at a consulate (valid for 59 days). Sould you deside on a 30-day visa on entry into Mozambique, you will have to leave Mozambique within 29 days.


Assisting in the running of a beach camp.

  • Guest check inns and arranging of recreational events .
  • Room cleaning and setting op for new guests and daily room service, laundry service.
  • Assisting in the preparing and cleaning of the camp sites,  all camps and ablutions must be neat and cleaned daily.
  • Assisting in the preparation of meals: breakfast, beach lunches and BBQ dinners.
  • Grilling and preparing meals around the camp fire in the evenings.
  • Assisting in the BIO garden cultivating and preparing vegetable garden.
  • Assisting in the building of new Casitas (Small beach cabins) or any other building projects that is ongoing.
  • Visiting the local school once a week and assisting them where you can .


Take a walk to the beach, only 900 meters from the resort, where you can walk for kilometers or swim in the warm Indian ocean.

Mobile connection is only available in certain locations (climbing a dune) and it is advised that you purchase a Mozambiqe sim card to contact friends and family. Sim cards should be purchased upon entering the country.

Bring ample reading, material and board games.

There are beautiful lakes 3km from the resort for relaxing and vast untouched natural flora where you can go hiking and enjoy the abundant birdlife.


Applicants will be required to sign an extensive indemnity.
It is important that applicants have international travel insurance.


Applicants are responsible for all travel and Visa costs.

All beverages and bottled water is not included in your rate. (500ml local beer costs about 60 Euro cents)

Transfer from Manhiça at Euro 25.00 one way.

Applicant’s meals and accommodation will cost you EURO 28.00 per day.

All meals are provided but must be prepared by the applicants themselves. There are facilities to prepare breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Dinner is usually a social event with everybody cooking around the campfire.

Please note all snacks and personal treats are not included and Applicants must bring these along – there will be regular town trips should you run out of something.

Applicants must be twenty years and older.
Be able to cope with the warm African sun especially during the summer months when temparature can reach 45 degrees.
Applicants must be responsible as the resort is very remote and far from facilities.
Excellent communication skills in English, Portuguese is an added bonus.

If this adventure is of interest to you then you should spend a month or more with us. Our family has a long-standing reputation in tourism both in South Africa and Mozambique.

If you are friendly and willing to interact and work with all creeds and cultures you will fit in well with our family.

Fill in the contact form for further information.

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