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Maqueda Campsites

There are two private campsites that can accommodate 6 to 8 guests per campsite. Each campsite has its own bathroom consisting of a shower, basin, and toilet. There is a secondary outside shower and toilet. The kitchenette and a 3 x 5 meter under roof sitting area are available for each camp.

The campsites also have braai facilities where you can enjoy a lovely BBQ under the stars. Camps have beautiful trees and offer complete privacy.

Campsites are equipped with solar power to run your 12-volt fridge, please do not use hairdryers and kettles or other elements.

Please help us to keep the pristine nature intact! Biological kitchen cuttings are composted, therefore please follow the recycling instructions carefully.

You require 4×4 to reach any of these properties.
The beach is separated from our camp by a dune and can be traversed by 4×4.
The nearest shopping opportunity and restaurant is one hour away by 4×4.
Charcoal and firewood can be purchased on site.
We recycle please use the bins as allocated.
No mobile connection or internet is available.
Bring enough drinking water.
Quad bikes are not permitted.

Maqueda camp kitchenette and dining area
Camp kitchen and common area
Warm water and a solar light in the common area
Grill area
Outside shower and toilet
Indoor toilet
Indoor shower and basin